Corporate mindfulness and yoga

Corporate Mindfulness & Yoga

Personal wellness for the business environment

Our minds can become so erratic and exhausted with the rapid pace and constant change in the business world. The practice of mindfulness and yoga trains the mind and body to relax, concentrate, and expand your capacity to be productive and innovative. Learn to minimize distractions by cultivating mental awareness and enhanced work-life balance. Mindfulness techniques are reliable tools to help shape the vision of your business, while fostering improved wellness of your employees. Explore the offerings below to discover how to bring mindfulness and yoga into your workplace. 


Optimize concentration and your ability to remain calm in the storm. These 60-90 minute workshops are the foundations of mindfulness training. Attendees will practice mindfulness in a fun environment, and gain the tools for increased focus and clarity. 


Witness vast improvements in connection and trust with these 1-3 day team building retreats. These offsite experiences offer attendees a chance to learn mindful communication techniques in a distraction free environment. 


Yoga classes help your team achieve work-life balance. They will learn elements of a safe and accesible yoga practice, while creating skills to improve performance quality. 

"Working with Michael on his practical approach to yoga and meditation has helped me in the business world. Practicing various yoga postures and breathing techniques has enabled me to reduce stress, restore balance, focus and clarity."

- Matthew Voreyer, General Manager, Sacramento Convention Center 


“Michael Fong’s presentation was relevant, thoughtful and informative.  His style allowed members of my team to feel at ease in learning new concepts around mindfulness and how they can apply those concepts with simple techniques that can be used in their everyday lives.”

- Jim Anderson, CEO, California Society of Association Executives 

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