Weekly Classes

Yoga Shala Sacramento

Monday          6:00pm

Tuesday         9:30am

Saturday        8:30 & 10:00am

Leap Yoga

Wednesday      4:30 & 6:05pm

Yoga Shala Arden

Thursday      4:30 & 6:00pm

Michael Fong Teaching Yoga
Workshops & Programs
New Year's Day Practice 

Begin the new year strong! Join Michael for a powerful extended class to go a little deeper into your practice. Enjoy 2.5 hours of vinyasa/hatha yoga, pranayama, and meditation. Start 2019 by getting on your mat for strength building, stress release, and self-care. Let go of the past and anticipation of the future; get grounded in the present moment! This playful and invigorating practice is intended for all levels of practitioners. 

Where: Yoga Shala Sacramento

When: January 1st

Time: 9:30am-12pm

Cost: $25

Registration: Click here! (scroll down the workshop tab)

YFL no text.jpg
Yoga for Life: Niyamas
4 Week Program
January 2018

Take 5 steps to uncovering the main observances/disciplines of yoga.


Dive into the new-year with excitement and dedication. Commit yourself to creating a positive impact on your health and happiness by building a consistent yoga and meditation practice. Join Tristina and Michael for workshops every Sunday over four consecutive weeks.


Take four weeks to uncover the Niyamas and learn to build a healthier relationship with yourself and your environment. Be supported by your yoga community and break through the negative patterns of the past to start the year off feeling empowered and whole!


Yoga for Life includes:

  • 4 Sunday sessions with Tristina & Michael 

  • 5 steps to uncover the Niyamas

  • 4 consecutive weeks of consistent yoga & meditation

  • Workbook and emails outlining the teachings of the week

Where: Yoga Shala Midtown 

Starts: January 6th

Time: 6pm-7:30pm

Registration: Click here!

Where: Leap Yoga

Starts: January 27th

Time: 1:00pm-2:30pm

Registration: Click here! (scroll down the workshop tab to Yoga for Life)

Yoga Teacher Training Sacramento
March-May 2019

Whether you aspire to teach yoga or simply enrich your own knowledge of the practice, our 200-hour Vinyasa Hatha Teacher Training is designed to give you the tools to develop your yoga practice and set your foundation as a teacher. We are a Yoga Alliance certified school, and deliver the highest standards of foundational yoga curriculum and teaching methodology. Upon your graduation, you will be able to register as a globally recognized RYT-200 International Yoga Teacher.

Discover how profoundly the path of yoga enhances and expands your life. Through three months of in-depth study, you will learn intelligent and effective Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga methodology to embody your practice and inspire others to do the same. Unlike other Yoga Teacher Training programs, our program not only focuses on the physical elements of yoga, it is grounded in deep introspection to awaken your courage, authenticity, empathy, and compassion. The program will take place in Yoga Shala Sacramento, and conclude with a four-day graduation retreat in Lake Tahoe.


Where: Yoga Shala Midtown

Starts: March 2019

Registration: Click here! 

Align & Assist Your Practice
March 2019


Assisting is one of the best ways to build a strong understanding of your postures. This interactive program will be educational and playful. Explore how assisting informs and enhances your practice and teaching. Join Tristina and Michael for this 2 weekend training to gain a different perspective of your own practice. This immersion is for dedicated students or yoga teachers.

What you will receive:

  • Learn the alignment and body mechanics of 60+ yoga postures 

  • Receive a comprehensive 60+ page manual of yoga postures and how to assist them

  • Develop a deeper understanding of your body

  • Understand foundational functional anatomy and how it relates to the poses

  • Build effective skills to give effective hands-on yoga assists and adjustments

  • Connect with your yoga community

Where: Yoga Shala Midtown

Dates: March 2019

Registration: Click here!