Relearning How to Speak

During my early elementary school years, I was sent to speech therapy with a teacher named Ms. Peggy. Small details to this day are still very clear in my mind. I still remember the fascinating array of bracelets looped around my teacher's thin wrists and the potency of her sweet smelling fragrances. Another clear memory was intently gazing at Ms. Peggy’s bright red lipstick as she visually demonstrated how to pronounce certain letters and words. Naturally, my speech impediments made it difficult to connect with my parents and peers, so I was grateful to communicate with someone in a safe and supportive environment. Fast forward my life to the year 2013, and I find this same little boy doing public speaking in yoga classes all around Sacramento. While I am far removed from the inability to pronounce several letters in the English language, I am consciously aware of the challenges speaking to a room full of people. Teaching yoga has opened the opportunity relearn how to speak. I have now graduated from saying words one syllable at a time to expressing complex feelings and emotions. I am blessed to find myself back in a safe environment as I continue the process of learning how to articulate from my heart.

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