Defining Success: The Woman from Chiang Mai

My partner Tristina and I met a very fascinating woman named Lamai during our travels through the city of Chiang Mai. Lamai was born into a poor family that had very few resources. Everyday she would wake up at 4am to help with her mother’s small egg business at the local market, and then attend school directly after she finished a long morning of work. When Lamai became an adult, she used her strong work ethic to eventually attend the University of Bangkok and run a successful business in Chiang Mai. What line of work do you ask? Lamai created a booming egg business that was successful for many years. She recently sold her business and now helps operate a big real estate business with her brother.

Lamai commented on her success: "I am successful because I am happy. My work makes me happy. I get to enjoy taking my employees to lunch everyday. I get to pay more taxes to help my country. I am grateful to give back to my community." Is this lady real? I found Lamai's words to be significant because of the radical way she defines success.

Lamai's story helps remind me that success is about happiness and contributing positive change in the world. I felt like I was able to witness pure light being in the presence of this little woman from Chiang Mai.


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