The Art of Touch: Thai Massage School

Learning the art of touch has been a journey into the subtlety of movement and the practice presence. I recently completed a Thai massage training that involved learning about the different layers of the body, and the profound effects of human connection.

The massage practice requires a meditative state that is guided by feeling and intuition. This training also enforced the necessity of intention and gratitude. Every day we would meditate, pray, and practice putting our ego aside. There were times when I rushed through a sequence of movements because the pace was familiar to me. I was trained to stay connected to the needs of the person receiving the massage, and always stay in the flow of energy.

Overall, Thai massage is very challenging and very rewarding. I felt so grateful to learn from teachers that practice the art of touch, and held me accountable when I became distracted from the practice. I look forward to applying these techniques and plan to do the advanced training during my next journey to Thailand.

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