Fulfillment in Emptiness

It has been almost 4 weeks since I have returned to my hometown of Sacramento, and I am still processing experiences and life lessons from international travel. I am always struck with humility after witnessing a more simple existence in developing countries. Travel always ignites a home cleansing of excess clutter that I have accumulated over time. I find removing any unnecessary STUFF from my closet is always a great place to start. The closet cleanse requires a careful selection process that probably takes much longer than it should. I catch myself being stalled and conflicted on letting go of certain items. Articles of clothing tend to have a sentimental value. Past experiences arise with hip dress shirts from a night out downtown, faded blood stained tank tops from fight training, and the everyday decade old jeans with more holes than a fish net. This clearing action reminds me how attached I can become to things because of what they represented in my life.

Travel has helped me soften my grip of the past and understand the unique fulfillment of creating clarity and space. A byproduct of letting go is a feeling of emptiness. Being empty is an intriguing sensation for me because I get to explore uncharted territory. There becomes an opportunity for open creativity and holding space for new ideas. It is a liberating feeling to create something from nothingness; therefore, I am starting to find fulfillment in emptiness.

#fulfillment #emptiness

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