Like a Prayer

I once was told that indigenous tribes that walk across the ground barefoot are very connected to the inner vibrations of mother earth. I assume the flesh to soil connection creates a link between human and nature. As a yoga teacher, I find myself without shoes more often than not. However, you probably won’t find me strolling down the cement paths of Midtown Sacramento without foot coverage.

The statement about the tribes can be portrayed as a nice idea with very little substance. Only until recently have I started to investigate the effects/benefits of the idea of inner vibrations. The yoga practice creates tools to make the healing power of vibrations less of a “fluffy” concept. The ability to feel internal energy increases through practices like linking breath with movement and chanting sacred sounds such as Om. The more I become in tune with my body, the more awareness I have of the frequency of my environment.

During my recent travels in Costa Rica, I found myself locked in traffic near the jungle. I ran past the crowd of vehicles to witness a little boy lying in the middle of the road and a truck driver frozen in shock with his hands glued to the steering wheel. A group of people proceeded to pull the boy off of the pavement and carried his body into the back of a pickup truck. The truck driver had hit and killed the little boy as he walked to school that day. I was immediately struck with a strong sense of sadness over the accident. Observing this tragedy brought about a feeling of powerlessness, as all I could do was watch from a distance. Instead of sulking in grief, later that day, I slipped off my shoes and sat on the ground to meditate. My intention was to spend time channeling good vibrations through the earth to everyone involved in the accident.

The practice of yoga helps me find the power to take action even when life has set the course. My inner vibration is like a prayer that I send to all beings who are suffering. I have faith that a positive frequency makes a difference in the lives of others. It is my sincere hope that, together, our universal vibration will manifest a mass healing to everyone in need.

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