Emotions & Physical Pain

Yes, emotions can make us feel a little crazy at times!

Emotions can be directly linked with physical pain, but many of us don't understand how this process occurs. Emotional reactions, whether inward or outward in nature, are stored in our bodies on some level. Suppressed emotions weaken our ability to breathe properly. As a result, we end up fighting against one of the main forces that help us heal.

The first step to healing is creating space. A lack of breathing will collapse the spaces in our bodies where we tend to experience emotions. This inevitably compromises our relationship to gravity by depriving energy to the musculature that hold us up. At this point, there is no space to heal when we collapse into ourselves.

What makes yoga an effective tool for relieving or preventing pain is that we connect our mind, body, and breath together during a single experience. We simply can't combine all of these pieces of ourselves without letting something go. Yoga is the practice of loosening our grip on the emotions that dampen our ability to allow our body to heal itself.

Let go, roar, and take care!

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