Weapons of Mental Production

I have always had a fascination with weapons when I was growing up. Maybe I could attribute it to practicing martial arts since I was four years old. Maybe it was from watching television shows like the Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers. I also grew up in Newcastle California where there were plenty of things in nature to swing and hit things with. My imagination would run wild by turning ordinary yard tools or large sticks into powerful weapons to fight off the “bad guys.” I am not sure if some psychoanalysis still needs to be done from pretending to make a tree branch into a bazooka.

My Mamma recently gave me brussel sprouts on the stock. After chopping off each sprout, I attempted to cut the stock into smaller pieces to throw away in our garbage can. The stock was so thick that I couldn’t break it, which lead me to take it out to the dumpster. As I walked outside, I started swinging the stock from side to side. It would make a loud whoosh, whoosh sound. I gripped it firmly in my hand and thought to myself, “Dang! This thing could do some damage!” I guess some habits die-hard.

The mind is very similar to the brussel sprout stock. The stock can obviously produce something that is healthy and delicious. If used incorrectly, you could use it as a weapon! The mind can also be used to produce something of value that can contribute to our health, but it too has the potential to turn thoughts into weapons. We all can create stories around negative emotions like anger, jealousy, and resentment. These emotions, starting in the mind, eventually slither and permeate into our words and actions. This can be an extremely destructive cycle to fall into because every thought becomes a trigger.

We all have the capacity for making good choice with intelligence. The root word for intelligence in Latin can be described as “to choose between.” We get to choose between producing value or destruction. This is our gift. We must choose wisely.

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