The Unlikely Benefits to Jetlag & Illness

I have been back home now from international travels for about 3 weeks, and it sure feels good to be HOME! Home for me is a symbol of what is good in my life. However, traveling from a location with a 15-hour time difference has it’s difficulties. Jet-lag naturally took over my body when I first arrived back in California,. It can be such a drag to wake up with an explosion of energy at 1am in the morning. Surprisingly, I have travelled enough times now to actually notice a benefit to jet-lag. It makes home feel like a brand new place; therefore, I appreciate being home a little more.

During my travels, I became really ill for brief period of time. My symptoms ranged from nausea, chills, and really intense fevers. The illness just so happened to kick in during a seven hour bus ride, with the only thing to keep me warm from the chills was an itchy/musky yak blanket. I tend to become a bit of a drama queen in those moments because it felt like everything was falling apart.

The experience on the bus ride made me notice that there is a benefit to becoming ill: it made me reflect and appreciate all of the good things my life. Getting sick reinforces the practice of focusing attention to what is positive. There are times when everything is going wrong, but concentrating on the goodness in life makes me feel like I am going back home. No matter how far we travel or how consumed we are in negativity, we can always find our way back to what is good in our lives.

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