Yoga Workshops


"I attend all of Michael’s workshops, and he’s been instrumental to my growth. He’s helped me get in tune with the subtle body more than any teacher I’ve worked with.” – Ken Paglia, Sacramento

Foundations Training


Take this empowering workshop to discover how the practice of yoga can open up more space in your body and life! Whether you’re brand new or a seasoned student who wants to go back to the foundations, this workshop will create confidence in your practice and more comfort in classes.
Topics will include: common misconceptions about yoga, a brief overview of yoga history/philosophy, alignment of many common poses, hands-on support, ways to modify poses to fit your ability, how to breathe and link your movement with breath.



Martial Yoga:
Self Defense to Self Expression


Change your orientation to space and play with creating new possibility. Explore integrating the principles and movements of martial arts into your yoga practice. This workshop uses physical contraction to find expansion and interplay between opposing forces in your body. You will learn how to apply the actions of release and surrender into your practice on and off the mat. The practice will involve alternative pranayama, martial arts drills, partner work, and moving meditation.



The Next Level Workshop


In the beginning of our yoga practice, we learn the asana (physical postures) by relaxing into the intensity of unfamiliar movements and awkward positions of the body. The asana practice moves to the next level when we harness our focus on 3 key areas: Breath, Bandhas, and the Transitions between the postures. Activating breath and bandhas will generate the action of lightness and root that will support improved alignment in your transitions. 
In this workshop, we will cover such topics as optimizing your vinyasa sequence, create awareness of subtle movements, and engage the internal action of the body. The tools in this workshop will have a lasting impact on your physical practice. Together, we can start raising our practice to the next level! 



Arm Balances and Inversions


Flipping yourself upside down is an opportunity to experience yourself in a whole new way. Discover how to invert your body in a safe and effective manner. This workshop will help create lightness in your body and make space for the freedom to play. Learn to use the proper leverage, core integration, and alignment to access these challenging postures. 

You will explore the concept of the midline and leave feeling calm and energized with the tools to consistently uplift your practice. 



Beginners Series


This progressive series is designed to examine the foundations of your yoga practice. Both educational and explorative, each workshop will consist of discussion, demonstration, and physical practice. These 4 workshops contain valuable information that can be utilized each time you practice on the mat.


Topics will include the following:

  • Overview of the Philosophy of Yoga

  • Foundational Alignment Principles

  • Linking Breath with Movement (Vinyasa)

  • The Study of Meditation 



Refine Your Alignment Series


This progressive series is designed to examine the fundamental principles of alignment and anatomy in a comprehensive way. Both educational and explorative, each workshop will consist of discussion, demonstration and asana practice. These 4 workshops contain valuable information that can be utlized in your approach to the postures.


-Strong + Open Shoulders

-Open & Free Your Hips

-Arms Balances & Inversions

-Release & Liberate Your Spine 



Yoga for Life: 30 Day Program


5 weekly sessions to introduce your focuses for the week. Enjoy interaction through group activities and participate in discussions surrounding your experiences. As the group grows and evolves together, receive strength from other participants and cultivate lasting bonds in your community. This program includes a consistent writing practice, group meditation, nutritional guidelines, and 30 days of a consistent practice.






The Art of Assisting


Get ready to explore the dynamics of your physical and energetic body through hands-on, interactive assisting. Join Michael in this immersion to enhance your understanding of the union between alignment principles and yoga postures. You will learn basic anatomy, pranayama (breath), body reading, and subtle body energy.

Discover optimal ways to assist individuals through holistic methods. By understanding how to support variances in the body, each student is attended to in a skillful manner. This in-depth program will build confidence and transform the connection to your yoga practice, as well as your community.